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Timothy Q. Kime, Jr.

President & Chief Creative Force - Tim Kime Enterprises, LLC

LaShaune has truly been a Godsend! As a small business owner, I was trying to do it all from servicing clients to promoting my services to all the administrative details. LaShaune came to my rescue helping me to get more organized, to implement best business practices, to streamline my operations and to address important tax issues. She has brought important professional experience and skills to my business while also providing thoughtful counsel and guidance. You will be glad she is part of your team–I certainly am everyday!

Hansitta Uche

President, UCH Services - Vice-President, C2 Contracting Company

We hired LaShaune to do some bookkeeping setup for us. She was very reliable, punctual and set clear standards/expectations. She was also flexible and was able to do some work in our physical office, as that was what we needed at the time. Pleasure to work with, and her enthusiasm about assisting small businesses shows in her quality of work.

Brianna "Bre" King

Content Creator - So Am I Write

LaShaune was fantastic to work with! We met at a networking event…She was unquestionably the most positive, down-to-earth person I had met that night. She offered her resume writing services to me, which helped in more ways than I could describe. She also included a cover letter template into the resume writing package, which I still use to this day. Not only is she passionate about what she does, she will be incredibly supportive of you along the way. She has been one of the biggest supporters of my writing career and I could not be more appreciative of her for that. If you don’t work with LaShaune, you’re truly missing out!

Alma Joyner

Lashaune is awesome! She assisted me with updating my resume for the position that I am currently working. Her professionalism and attention to detail are outstanding.