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Established in July 2017, Phoenix Star Creative symbolizes rebirth, growth and vision — and the journey along the way. We work with large and small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike on their journeys to move their career and business objectives to the next level, helping them build their dreams! In addition to providing freelance services, we are looking to partner with community leaders and organizations focused on doing great work within our communities and helping others build their dreams!



My name is LaShaune (“Shaun” with a “La”), and I am an administrative and nonprofit management professional originally from the Washington Metropolitan Area. I possess over ten years of experience in various areas of administration, technology, and office operations, working mostly within non-profit organizations. I thrive most when I am helping others, and working towards a cause greater than myself, working with mission- and charity-driven organizations that provide services and assistance to people in our communities.

More often than not, you can find me relaxing in an eclectic local coffee shop (prior to COVID-19), enjoying a latte and working away on my laptop. I love music of all kinds, and have a passion for architectural and landscape photography. I am also a starving travel junkie with plans of traveling the world little by little, and ideally with my sidekick.


Visionary's Apprentice

Though Phoenix Star Creative currently operates as a one-(wo)man agency, it wouldn’t exist without my sidekick. Roqie (“Rocky” without the CKY) and I began our journey together the same year that I began my journey as a freelancer. She does not build your spreadsheets, create your resumes or build your websites (That may be her year 5 training…). But she sticks it out with me while I am doing the work and the planning and the creating. Sometimes she is pouting while I do the work…or sleeping while I do the work…But she is still always there, with minimal side glances and lots of support. Roqie loves going to the dog park and to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks (her momma is an equal opportunist when lattes are concerned!). She is not a fan of the playing with balls fad, but loves her pack of plushy farm animals and her “farm” alligator and elephant. She loves hugs, cuddles, and is the Chair of the
Belly Rub Club (B.R.E.).